Did you know you can add bookmarks in your Visual Studio code?

These can be very helpful to find particular sections that you will be working on from time to time. This is even more helpful when your code file is very large.

The toggle keystrokes (inserts and deletes) for bookmarks is Ctrl-K. However, you need to press it twice. When this is done, you will see a light blue square to the left of the numbering.

If you want to have a meaningful name for this bookmark, instead of  ‘Bookmark1′ or ‘Bookmark2′, just press Ctrl-K, followed by Ctrl-W. This will open up the Bookmark Window. The same can be done by using the View/Bookmark Window menu item. Just Right-click on the Bookmark you just created and choose ‘Rename’.

To navigate through your bookmarks, on the fly, just press Ctrl-K, followed by Ctrl-N to get to the next bookmark, or Ctrl-K, followed by Ctrl-P for the previous bookmark. Of course, by opening the bookmark window directly, you can go to any specific bookmark just by clicking on it.