In IIS 6, for me, at least, it was very easy to change or assign the Application Pool for my ASP.Net application, but in IIS7, it’s a little klunky, to say the least (IMHO). So, here’s a run-down of how to do it.

  • Open IIS7, and click on the Application Pools node in the Connections pane and select the Pool you want to use.
  • In the Actions pane (on the right), click on ‘View Applications
  • Then, in the middle pane, you should see a list of applications.
  • If not, click on the ‘Remove Filter’ link at the top.
  • Select your application, and right-click on it
  • Then, choose the ‘Change Application Pool’ menu item.
  • In the dialog that comes up, choose the application pool you want to use.

And there you go!